vendredi 4 décembre 2009

Aviation in Tunisia from Roland Garros to the present day

Aviation in Tunisia from Roland Garros to the present day
"This book relates the history of aviation on Tunisia from the beginning of the twentieth century, and is prefaced by Gérard Feldzer, president of the Aéro-club de France and Daniel Malfroy, the director of the Space and Aeronautics division
of Bureau Veritas. The book is centred around two important events:
the flights made by Roland Garros (the first to fly from Africa to Europe)
in 1912 and 1913 and the creation of Tunis Air in 1948. Tunis Air grew out of Air France and opened the way for technical and commercial progress which continued after Tunisian independence in 1956.
The book gives a rightful place to those aviators who became famous: Roland Garros, François Coli, and Antoine de Saint Exupéry, without forgetting Georges Madon, born in Tunisia, and all the Tunisians who worked for Tunis Air.
“Aviation in Tunisia” is a masterpiece in terms of illustrating the vital role played by this country in the “conquest of the air.” The author is a persevering and courageous Tunis air chief technician who made his best to put forward the “tale” of aviation in Tunisia. It is accurate, comprehensive, and grippingly passionate. All in all, my view of aviation in Tunisia is very positive and the country is a leader in North Africa with regard to aviation-related issues in terms of efficiency and quality. My hope is that Tunisia can transform this leadership role into a model from which their successes can be emulated by the rest of North Africa, and eventually the entire continent."
by Captain Dennis J. Dolan - President IFALPA

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